Friday, May 28, 2010

(Teaser) Us.

photo credit to BAK

I can't believe I'm a wifey and he's a hubby. Lol.

Will post more photos later after this. :)

Selesai sudah.

At 10.20am, I now officially is Puan Rocker. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Days away...

Days away...

Okay I have like 2 days away. And right now I'm at the stage where semua benda menjadi sangat kritikal. I'm not too stressed out (a bit perhaps) tapi mostly I'm just too exhausted. Too exhausted since way way way before Encik Rocker masuk hospital lagi.

Secara metaforanya, I think of myself as a rubber band which I dah berkali-kali go beyond my limit, beyond my elasticity limit. I guess I'm 93% to rapuh if I were to be a rubber band. But don't worry saya sedang bertahan just for my W-day. *praying hard for that*

Oh how I need my honey(horny)moon. Nah, I'm just kidding. :D

(Teaser) The final card for Encik Rocker.

photo courtesy: cupcake craft & handmade card

As a single dude, this should be the last card for Encik Rocker. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Six days.

Yes, I only have 6 days left...

Ada masa I am so freaking tenang. Orang lain yang tolong huru-harakan for me. Ada masa I am so freaking panic and orang lain yang tolong tambahkan lagi the huru-hara for me. But it's okay. I've cleansed my soul. So letak itu semua jauh-jauh and I won't say much.

For the past few days ni ada few things that I wanna blog about tapi type-type terus delete. I don't even save it as a draft pun. Rasa macam the post agak hambar. I think the only person yang tanya bila new post nak keluar pun hanyalah Encik Rocker je. Plus the fact that I only have one day je nak bekerja next week before bercuti panjang menyebabkan my boss memang menyental I betul-betul untuk siapkan everything. Sigh.

Oh and why yea I lagi looking forward nak ber-pre-honeymoon daripada nak kahwin. Lol. :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Songket for Nawal.

Post ni khas untuk Nawal (yang secara tiba-tiba nak pakai songket) :D

photos courtesy: Adria Iman

For my reception dekat my house, I opt for songket. But this is no ordinary songket 'coz sebab ia dicetak on silk fabric (to be specific kain sari 'coz diaorang bawa the design from Malaysia to be cetak dekat India). Therefore here are the reasons why I chose that particular so-called-songket sebab:

1. The corak sangat cantik (sebab pakai benang emas)
2. Kain dia lembut (tak gatal bila pakai)
3. Harga dia lebih sikit but you got 6 meter of kain (nak buat apa dengan remainder tu, buat la. :D)

So if you (Nawal or sesiapa) nak beli the kain, you guys boleh visit dekat Kak Yati punya tiny kedai in Subang Parade. It's called Adria Iman House of Silk and Chiffon. :)

*Note to Nawal: I'm just trying to help yea dear. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Something soft and sweet.

photos courtesy: Google Image

Can I want something like this for my wedding?

Something greeny and white.

photos courtesy: Google Image

I need to revise my handbouquet untuk dua-dua event. I think I want something like this untuk reception rumah Encik Rocker. :)

Cleansing my soul on this one.

I don't think any of my wedding details reflect who I am pun right now. Semua sudah tukar  tak macam what I had in mind pun, but what they had in mind. My vision untuk wedding ni is to do it as simple (but nice) as possible tapi now dah rasa macam carca marba (ccm) pun ada. >_<

Excitement macam dah takde and I am being patient and positive right now. I won't shout or marah-marah or anything. But I won't say much. I learned to let go and lepaskan few tasks dekat orang lain 'coz I can't managed to add-up more stress on me. All I want is to be marry to Encik Rocker and I won't claim that's my (partially me and Encik Rocker's) wedding. It is after all, their wedding... :(

The (hate) dress is altered and...

I did my dress fitting (hopefully this is the last one) yesterday and I wasn't all that panicking pun before nak test the baju. Wasn't sure if it's a good sign or another disaster. But one thing for sure, I didn't expect anything pun for this particular dress. I know, I've vowed untuk menjadi lebih positif but somehow hati sudah 'kering' for this particular dress.

Sarung, sarung the baju...

Fuhh, it's wearable on my W-day!

The dress wasn't all that fancy pun. Biasa-biasa je. Cuma the dress tak se-horror macam before. Therefore I can let go on this one.Bridezilla mode, away! :D

Friday, May 14, 2010

(Finally) He got the card.

photo courtesy: cupcake craft & handmade card

Pictures speak a thousand words..

How I heart him so much. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedding Inspirasi for new bride-to-be.

photos courtesy: wedding inspirasi

After dah kahwin, nak kahwin lagi sekali (konon-konon macam renew our wedding vows la) tapi pakai macam ni boleh tak? Tapi for close friends and family je the reception. :D

For new b2b, go here. You'll be inspired, seriously!

Floristika Bangsar.

photo courtesy: myweddingfairytale

I know..I know..I think most previous b2b(s) dah banyak kali mention about Floristika Bangsar. But I still nak mention juga in my blog since maybe ada yang maybe tak pernah tahu/perasan/baru nak tahu adanya warehouse yang jual bunga dengan harga yang super cheap from most kedai bunga. :)

And yeah baru semalam I pergi dengan Encik Rocker. Okay us two sangat rambang mata (lagi rambang mata dekat Floristika daripada time kitaorang pergi Cameron kot) eventhough dekat Floristika macam dah nak habis stok je the bunga-bunga. And yeah their having sale right now. 90% woo!

So here I attached their website punya link. You guys can click here. And a map to go there as well. :)


16, Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Riong, 59100 Bangsar, Selangor

Phone No.:

(Teaser) Again, a card for him.

Note to Azilah: Thanks dear for all the beautiful cards you've made for us! :)

Note to Encik Rocker: You're so gonna get it okay? Be patient and don't curi-curi tengok dekat mana-mana okay? (I know I can trust you love):D

*Sorry if you guys boring nak baca pasal my card to Encik Rocker.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay, okay, positif, positif. Saya sudah ada back up plan for the baju. Biar orang lain tunggang terbalik, I can't follow 'em juga. We did really good before dalam bab-bab wedding preparation (in terms of efficiency and cut cost :D), can't let small-small things affecting us.

And I dah calm down untuk proceed dengan other tasks and distribute some of it dekat orang lain untuk help me out a lil pasal wedding stuffs ni.

Wish me luck dearies.

60 seconds of whining.

Please, last one dearies so that after this I won't rasa sakit hati anymore and kembali tenang.

One of the 3 dresses yang I rasa nak pengsan (and bang my head dekat atas meja) bila tengok over and over again. I seriously don't feel beautiful right now. :( And I'm busting my brain now in order to think of ways to beautify/enhance my dresses.

Is this normal?

And kenapa lagi nak dekat kahwin lagi rasa malas yea?

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm using mypunchbowl.

Ada few people tanya where I got my save the date template 'coz according to them it looks kinda cute. But it wasn't a template pun. Ia hanyalah an online invitation. :D

So above I ada tinggalkan the link for whoever yang nak make use out of it. :)

Save the date!

Hello dearies!

Disebalik kehuru-haraan about this and that, I still am excited to invite you guys to come and celebrate our wedding day. Yes, I have like 17 days to go (panic, panic). But wth la kan, lupakan sekejap pasal berapa hari lagi tinggal tapi fokus sebentar pasal hari kegembiraan saya. :D

So if you guys free 'nuff to come, sila-sila datang. Bring along your other half (suami/ tunang/ boyfriend/ etc) yeah. Datang tangan kosong (and bawa perut) je pun saya tak kisah. :)

Oh and if you guys need the map to my house, do mail me at or tinggal comment dekat blog post ni pun takpe. I'll definitely get back to you guys asap okay. :)

Frustrated (part II).

Sorry guys tak dapat cerita lebih bout my dress 'coz hari tu I was so dissappointed gila sampai menangis-nangis dalam fitting room and I only blogged via my mobile phone. >_<

I dunno how to begin this. I have 3 events on my W-day therefore I'm gonna have 3 dresses untuk dipakai for the events. The first one is kurung moden. Okay, okay la (but Encik Rocker kata it was nice). The second one is my songket. Very simple but I think I managed to find ways untuk wow! kan (kot) the attire. The third one,'s a bit different 'coz the dress sangat simple and more casual. But somehow I felt old wearing it and it doesn't seems so right (this is the real problem). Everything. The whole damn dress. Rasa mahu bang my head dekat atas meja whenever I thinked about it.

Dah la the last fitting session, Encik Rocker tak dapat ikut 'coz somehow dia punya wound bleeding and he had to stay back dekat hospital, again. So dah memang lagi runtuh guts mahu pergi fitting kan. Sigh, sigh. So now, I can only pray and buat MAJOR ALTERATION dekat dress tu supaya nampak wearable on my W-day.

God, oh god, I'm begging you. Have mercy on this soul. *crying*

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Feeling frustrated right now, I really don't like (hate) my dress. :'(

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A surprise, not so surprise.

Saya sudah sign kontrak dengan Azilah from Cupcake Craft & Handmade Card untuk few cards lagi before my W-day. Haha. :D Seriously this time I want something yang vintage (which is her expertise untuk buat that kinda card) and again I sangat-sangat la heart my second card with her.

Since Encik Rocker is in the hospital lagi, so I think it would be a good idea to give him the card. I hope it might cheer him up. Know the feeling bila you asyik terdampar dekat atas katil and feeling all weak 'coz you can't do anything except berehat.

And yeah I did, depan him juga I wrote a small note and gave him the card. He loves it! Got a big hug from him too. *blushing*

Photos courtesy: Facebook Azilah

*A note to Azilah: Thanks dear! You really made our day. :) *hugs*

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get well soon my dear...


I is definitely a ratu air mata since becoming a bridezilla. Semua benda instead of marah-marah lagi senang menangis kot which now lagi menjadi-jadi. But that's not the point. I'm just making a statement since I think ratio I menangis lebih banyak daripada I marah-marah nowadays. So here I am, typing a blog post at 10.46p.m (which felt more like 2a.m here) at SDMC Subang Jaya while looking after Encik Rocker, yes and yes I seriously wanna cry everytime saya bercakap or looked at him. :'(

Seriously now I know the feeling when you're uncertain about something (e.g. Encik Rocker's condition) and you do not know what to expect next or perhaps what's happening inside (the operation theatre). And it was kinda frustrated and I felt helpless especially when nobody's around and you're alone in the waiting room and there's no one there to update you about Encik Rocker's condition. :( Oh again saya rasa nak menangis lagi.

Well anyway, whatever la kan? I managed to pujuk the whoever in charge that I wanna stay with him and she said "sure Puan, boleh-boleh." :D

*I think I don't even understand what I'm typing right now. Excuse me for that since I'm really exhausted today.

**Oh btw, Encik Rocker baru lepas menjalani a surgery and so far he's fine.

As for a note to Encik Rocker: I heart you, I love you and I won't leave you. Get well soon! And I have a big surprise for you. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wedding registry.

Nak dekat wedding, semua orang dah start tanya what I want for my wedding. Oh segannya nak pilih what I want 'coz I do not know what's their budget and all. And yes, saya memang segan gila nak meminta even to my parents. *segan*

So I asked 'em to refer to my blog je la and they get to choose what they wanna give me. Hope it'll help 'em without burning their pocket (I definitely know the feeling). Beli yang kiut-miut/mini size pun takpe. :D

1. Money (paling selamat and bagi terus pada saya pun boleh. Lol)
2. TV (Arip, Rex, can ar?)
3. DVD Player
4. Vacuum Cleaner
5. Iron
6. Coffee Maker
7. Microwave
8. Waffle Maker
9. Ice-cream Maker
10. Electric/ Non-electric Kettle
11. Ironing Board
12. Bedsheet/ Bedspread/ Comforter Set
13. Curtains
14. Rice Cooker
15. Refrigerator
16. Wall Art
17. Cake Mixer
18. Ironing Board
19. IKEA Voucher
20. Table Lamp
21. Kitchen Utensils
22. Toaster
23. Slow Cooker
24. Deep Fryer
25. Panini/ Sandwich Maker
26. Bakeware Set
27. Washing Machine

Thanks in advance guys! Haha. :D

Found mine!

Oh yeah! Went to Semua House last Sunday disebabkan nak cari a tiara for me and other wedding accessories. Us being a lazy bum, park our car dekat Semua House, masuk dalam mall and terus borong semua benda dekat this one shop yang I pun tak perasan the name of the shop. It was a really nice tiny shop though. Got all kinda wedding accessories yang sangat meriah plus friendly shop owners.

'Nuff said, so ini antara belian terhebat I sempat grab dekat Semua House. :D

For my songket outfit. I need it to glam up my outfit. The actual colour differs from this photo but who cares la kan? I just wanna show the picture of it. And it's only RM60. o_O

I know I'm no princess but having to find a really nice and simple headband will take ages (especially dekat Malaysia) and I'm seriously running out of time here. Plus the tiara is super cheap (RM60 plus only) and it doesn't look all 'kudi' pun. Haha.

Photos courtesy: Encik Rocker punya cam

Pray that I'll be beautiful on my W-day peeps. >_<