Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coffee break.

Sajian minum petang untuk hari ini. :)

Need a new home.

Status dah bertukar so I need a new layout. Lol. Okay nah. I just need a new perspektif. Agak bosan tengok layout lama. In the mean time, bear for a while dekat rumah (layout) kecil ni yea. Still searching for a new home untuk ini blog.

'Till then, xox. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

A quickie.

Hello dearies!

Sudah kahwin blog macam agak terabai. Sorry...

Seriously after dah kahwin us two macam all out pergi melepak, melantak and berjimba sini sana etc. Some more we just got our kunci rumah, so got lotsa things nak manage and basuh and beli, which sangat Yay! We got something to do after all that wedding project. :D

So here are few of my wedding photos before I nak mengarang our cerita kahwin sebelah my side.

To be continued...

Take care peeps! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A guide for brides.

Here's a quick one for today.

We, ex-bride-to-bes/ bride-to-bes/ bloggers always help our sisters in terms of sharing ideas, lend our ears and bla, bla, bla. So to those who plan and manage their own wedding, I would love to introduce you people to the NEW Bridal Supernova!

Some of you might wondering what's the difference between the ol' Bridal Supernova right? The only difference is that Bridal Supernova sudah jadi wedding guide punya blog whereby Sarah's wedding blog has been shifted to Our Supernova.

So do click, click yeah. ;)

An introduction (warm-up version).

Hello peeps!

It's been a while tak update anything here. Sudah dusty. To be honest it's been a while since I got my wedding photos CD from Bak tapi I've been a bummer nak pilih and upload dimana-mana (Facebook, blog and etc.). So I'm back people! :D

Mood nak type macam baru je nak datang after all this while. Even my company suruh I buat contract letter pun my brain macam beku can't think of anything fancy untuk di-type. So untuk warm-upkan dulu my jari jemari, I just upload few photos je la dulu yea baru cerita-cerita. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

A quick update!

I just got my wedding photos CD from Bak. Weehoo! Will post beautiful photos ASAP. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A bummer.

There's only one person that kept asking me bila mahu update blog, iaitu Encik Rocker.
Sorry sayang...

Mood nak ber-blog macam tak ada. Type, type terus delete post before publish. The momentum nak update pun momentum. And now just tinggal nak tunggu the whole photos from my OP which is Bak and I think he's a bit busy though dengan internship dia and etc. Takpe, takpe, tak ada hal. :D

So as a teaser, I upload 1 photo from our outdoor session. Will upload more later on. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

A conversation between a Mum and a Daughter.

Mama: Okay jadi a wifey?

Daughter: Yup okay.

Mama: Still keluar malam ke?

Daughter: Yup. With my husband of course.

Mama: Dah kahwin pun lepak lagi? Pergi mana?

Daughter: Ish Mama ni..mestilah. Pergi lepak, ikut pergi jam and all.

Mama: Astaga dua orang ni.

Daughter: Aiyo. Nama pun Encik and Puan Rocker.

Mama: Nasib dah kahwin dua orang ni.


My mum expect us two tak keluar rumah langsung dah ke selain pergi kerja and beli barang?

Aktiviti memasak, do the laundry, and etc. sama jalan apa dengan lepak and seangkatan dengannya.

Sigh...Sorry Ma.

*Sometimes my mum do read my blog. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chenta Weddings and Sarah.

This blog baru je berumur 4 months kot but to be honest, within 4 months of preparing my wedding I've met lotsa beautiful people here which most of 'em instantly jadi really good friends of mine. And I was so blessed and lucky enough untuk berjumpa dengan wedding vendors yang sangat super cool and super friendly and super professional that made me love wedding so much sampai after dah kahwin pun I still nak google 'bout wedding stuffs (just to see beautiful things yang ada dekat wedding). After all wedding itself is a beautiful thingy. :)

One of the wedding vendors yang sangat-sangat I suka and admire her adalah my very own good (blogger) friend, Sarah (Bridal Supernova) yang nice enough untuk buatkan the thank you tag and CD label for us. The design was superb! And according to Sarah we were her first customer. (Babe I dah spread the words about Chenta Weddings fyi) ;)

So babe many thanks to you, Winder and Chenta Weddings! Would love to be your client in the next future (event lain perhaps?). :D

click here to read the post. :)

the CD label and tag. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Solemnization Day (Part 2).

The Solemnization...wasn't a grand event pun. But it was a simple and intimate one indeed. We had close family and relatives joining us on our big day at that time. Malangnya our close friends banyak yang tak dapat nak join us maybe 'coz it was held in Puncak Alam (which agak jauh nak datang) and it was done on peaceful Friday morning (most of 'em bukanlah geng morning person). Lol.

And to be honest I had no stress at all during that day. 'Coz we managed to bernikah pagi-pagi yang you memang tak akan sempat nak berfikir itu ini. Malam tidur, pagi bangun, mandi-mandi and "eh! dah kena siapla nak pergi nikah." Some more it was so quick that the whole event took approximately around 35 minutes je and tu termasuk datang-datang, snap sini, snap sana, bertunang, Tuan Jurunikah berkhutbah sikit and bernikah. How quick is that huh? :D

Well anyway, I managed to grab few beautiful photos from BAK. So sila-sila... :)










Monday, June 7, 2010

Solemnization Day (Part 1).

I think most people (friends and family) yang datang to our wedding dah upload and berkomen-komen dengan cemerlangnya 'bout our wedding except us je. And we've been very (very) lazy and super exhausted since the day after our last wedding celebration.

So here I am, mengantuk on my very first day dekat office, updating my blog in order to tell you guy's about the very first chapter of our wedding story: The solemnization.

Alhamdulillah it went VERY VERY well! Yup, VERY VERY well.

But ada cerita lain before the event, agak macam @_@ juga la. I woke up at 5.45am and my right side back still aching madly tapi gagahkan diri juga pergi mandi and chill sekejap. Duduk diam tak cakap dengan orang lain sangat pun while waiting for Fina untuk di-makeupkan. Kesian Fina and her hubby and BAK too. Sesat/terlajak diaorang nak datang Puncak Alam. Sorry guys...

Then Fina terus masuk-masuk, unload her thingy and do wonders to me. And BAK, he's brilliant. Datang-datang terus shoot while I tengah makeup-makeup. Encik Rocker time tu tengah on the way nak pergi masjid. His whole family sangat punctual. Sharp-sharp je. But I was (unintentionally) late. Then again takpe la kot. At least us two selamat bertunang and bernikah. :)

Speaking about our jurunikah, he's a really cool man and a funny one too. Satu soalan pun dia tak tanya Encik Rocker 'coz he said he was in good mood and according to Encik Rocker and apa yang I faham, dia macam senang tengok us two so dia macam tak nak lagging-lagging takutkan Encik Rocker by asking him questions. :) Thank you Tuan Jurunikah!

Tuan Wali pula was my dad and dia berjaya menikahkan and mewalikan I dengan cemerlangnya. To be honest none of us yakin my dad dapat nikahkan us two 'coz he can be pretty gementar juga but then again he managed to do it really fine and I'M REALLY PROUD OF HIM. :)

Long story short, Encik Rocker done a really good job with the lafaz. Sekali lafaz only! And at 10.20am saya sudah menjadi his wife. It was so quick and I was so busy waiting for the so-called-moment-of-the-transition-between-being-a-daddy's girl-to-a-wifey and sibuk tengok jam nak tahu what time saya sudah jadi a wifey so macam sedar-sedar "Eh dah jadi bini la". :D

I wasn't scared, I wasn't panic, I wasn't paranoid or anything pun before, on that very day and after that. Sangat tenang yang I tak terasa nak menangis pun langsung. Trust me, I'm a ratu air mata and orang lain punya hari nikah I'm the one yang sibuk nangis. But on my own nikah day, orang lain yang nangis. I managed to squeeze in few tear drops je (buat syarat) before happily bersnapping dengan my husband. Lol. :D

So here are few photos yang I took from BAK's blog.

Photos courtesy: BAK

To be continued...

Friday, June 4, 2010

The magical touch.

To be honest, 36 hours before the solemnization day wasn't all that joyous moment pun. My body tak co-operate enough with me. My right side back was aching madly and I was at the peak nak merebahkan diri tak mampu nak berkahwin. But I'm not stressed out cuma exhausted sahaja.

So at 8.30am, Fina pun datang with his husband. Sesat-sesat diaorang before sampai dekat my house. ASAP juga Fina buka luggage dia yang full of makeup and started to do wonders dekat I. 'Nuff said, I just plain love her! Mungkin akan guna her khidmat to beautify me kalau nak buat photoshoot apa-apa ke or pergi events ke later in future. Lol, can ar dear? :D

Voila! Nampak better la kan than the usual me. :)

Thanks a lot babe!

Makeup by Raja Fina.
Photos credit to BAK.

Puan Rocker is back.

I'm back!

Back from hornyland to tell you stories 'bout my W-day. :)