Thursday, February 24, 2011

5 lives

1/5 of my life is here,
Another 1/5 of it is in here,
Another 1/5 of it is in here too,
I'm swinging 1/5 of it in here,
And the last 1/5 shall be here


Planning & Cake Topping

Planning is very important in a wedding. And Google search engine macam the ultimate tool bila nak buat research in a wedding. So why not combining these two, Planning + Google = Google Wedding Planner Website. And ada 4 main components in it which are Google Sites, Picnik, Google Docs and Picasa Web Albums. Interesting huh? :)

Oh and another interesting thing that I found online through mimpi murni blog is an amazing cake topper. Perhaps ada yang nak buat something out of the ordinary but yet still cantik, (oh how I wish I can be marry to my husband again and buat the dream wedding that we want..sigh) you guys can dig this up for your own wedding cake. ;)

Ahhh...miss the good old days when preparing my own wedding.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fabulous Floral: We're in it too!

Fabulous Floral is amazed and stoked at the same time 'coz we've been chosen as one of the "50 Blog Pilihan InTrend". :)

So hurry! Grab your March issue to know more on the other 49 blogs featured in InTrend Magazine. ;)

Till then, take care peeps. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabulous Floral: Teaser for Hartini

(source: fabulous floral)

A teaser for Hartini on her VIP's gift pack. :)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tea Towel Cupcake

(source: yoonie-at-home)

Yummy right?

Inspired by yoonie-at-home, I'm making this one up for me client as her wedding favor gift. :)

Will definitely post the end result later. ;)

For full tutorial, do click here

Rubber Stamp vs. Thank You Tag

Norina Omar sent me a message through my chat box asking me about my opinion mana yang lagi senang and produce better result between the use of rubber stamp and thank you tag. So I wanted to reply to her dekat my chat box at first tapi space kecil sangat and I've so many things to share with her and the others. So might as well just post it as a blog post. ;)

Well anyway dear, in my opinion both ada advantages masing-masing cuma there might be few cons yang might weigh down either the usage of those 2. Guess, I might as well just list down all the pros and cons (based on my personal views) for you then. :)

Rubber Stamp: 

1. Quick and easy (stamp and go!)
2. Doesn't require much time
3. You can buy the ready made one at craft shop
4. Convenient to use rubber stamp when dealing dengan stuffs yang berkuantiti banyak

1. Require lotsa practice in order to get output yang kemas
2. Quite pricey especially when you opt for personalized design rubber stamp ($$$ for complicated design)
3. Limitation on the use of design (space untuk rubber stamp tak besar)

Personalized wedding rubber stamp maker in Malaysia:

Thank You Tag:

It can either be in a sticker form, cut & paste form, punch-a-hole & tie form and etc.

1. Price it's a lot cheaper
2. When using sticker form thank you tag, save the hassle (print and tampal)
3. No limitation on the use of various design for your thank you tag 
4. Can print out onto various type of paper (art card, sticker paper, ivory paper, kraft paper, etc)

1. Quite a hassle untuk kuantiti yang sangat banyak
2. Require lotsa time (the need nak print, gunting, tampal/punch a hole)

Thank you tag template:
4. Style Me Pretty

So I guess, it's kinda obvious that I'll opt for the thank you tag because of the unlimited template/design that can be found online plus your creativity, and it's much easier for me to use the thank you tag instead of using the rubber stamp sebab my hand sangat gagal when stamping anything. T__T

The Rezekis.

My wedding wasn't all that fancy schmancy unlike the other brides but one thing for sure we definitely beat 'em (anyone yang us two kenal) when it comes to the price of our wedding. 'Coz to us, the life after marriage it's all that matters. 

And yeah, as for my wedding we only have less than 3 months to works things out. So little time, us being busy all the time, no experience at all in planning a wedding, house hunting, Encik Rocker had a surgery in the midst of our wedding preparation and budget yang super tight plus.............THE RIDICULOUS FAVORS from the extended family memang traumatized us at that time. Trust me, the goods and bads memang akan ada.

But we managed to tackle 'em all and Alhamdulillah, even though it wasn't the perfect wedding that we want (we have our own ideas for the perfect wedding) but we managed to get (almost of it) right. ;) And we managed to scratch off all the listed goals that we aimed before our wedding.

1. We finally bought a house at a very strategic area and managed to get the key to our house before the wedding. 

2. We fund our own wedding despite me baru nak ada career and I've no savings on wedding fund at all.

3. Most of our wedding vendors sangat² wonderful, friendly and helpful and they even mentioned that they love dealing with us.

4. We managed untuk TIDAK SUSAHKAN anyone at all (including my close family) 'coz us two buat semua benda by ourselves. 

5. A week before our wedding, us two dah tenang. No more last minutes thingy to be done except for collecting hand bouquet and watched movies at cinema. :D

6. I managed to look flawless (thanks to my MUA, Raja Feena) 'coz I had my beauty sleeps since a week before my wedding lagi.

7. The food was so damn great and I got it at super cheap rate (price per head) compared to most caterers (with good reputation of course) I've surveyed before.

8. Semua sangat punctual and the flow of our weddings, three in a row went smooth as per plan.

9. We hired BAK and dapat beautiful wedding photos for our wedding memories.

10. We don't need to burn more holes in our pockets and yet we got (almost) everything that we want.

11. And last but not least, when it comes to urusan nikah from awal sampailah to the day of the nikah, it went so damn well and the whole event took less than 35 minutes (from the arrival of guests, engagement and nikah) with sekali lafaz and without the jurunikah asking any questions to Encik Rocker ('coz he was so in a good mood that day and he's just happy to see us!).

So yeah I'm happy and thankful to god for the smoothness of my weddings; my great and wonderful husband; our friends, neighbours and family yang membantu and memeriahkan our wedding; the good food; the good weather; and whatever rezeki that we had.

So plan your wedding wisely yea and good luck! ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fabulous Floral: Handmade Tea Bag

{My new handmade with love add-on to Fabulous Floral}

Fabulous Floral has something cool for you, tea lovers out there!

It's our latest customized favor and we handmade it with love for your last minute Valentine's Gift or simply for your tea party need! ;)

And we'll be using Earl Grey Tea.


*Currently we only accept small quantities for this personalized handmade tea bag.
*Other customization can also be done in order to compliment this personalized handmade tea bag.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our wedding themes

(My wedding theme colors)

(Encik Rocker's wedding theme colors)

Tool and reference that I used in order to determine our wedding themes are Adobe Kuler and The Perfect Palette.

Check 'em out! ;)

(source: the perfect palette)

Inspiration: Wedding of Kerri & Barry

I'm a big fan of Tiffany from, be it her fashion blog or her very own wedding photography blog. :)

Gosh! Dreamy-nya tengok her wedding photos.

Bride & Groom: Kerri & Barry
Location: Negril, Jamaica

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gazillion thanks!

*shocked & speechless*

...but gazillion thanks to Mya from 4weddingku blog and whoever yang baca my humble blog. :)

And congrats to all the winners too! You guys memang terbaik! ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The early stage

Morning dearies!

{Sunday morning like this, still on bed untuk update blog memang nice sangat. :)}

Been meaning to write this post for so long tapi macam biasalah tangguh dulu. Dunno pasal apa. :D 

Anyway let's cut to the chase, during my early days bila Encik Rocker ajak kahwin, we had LOTSA, LOTSA DISCUSSIONS on that. And that includes EVERYTHING. From wedding budget to how we want it to be simple but still a nice wedding to the friends and family's reactions and etc. Memang exhausted! Even fikir about it now pun rasa exhausted.

Some more, memandangkan this is the first wedding in my family and my extended family plus Encik Rocker being the only child in his family so us two memang sangat, sangat CLUELESS and we dunno where to start. So I googled. About everything. Trust me benda yang orang cakap senang je pun I just googled unless if there's such thing macam book about "guide to malay wedding", I'll definitely buy one. ;)

Memandangkan our wedding community sangat besar in Malaysia especially among bloggers, so among the earliest blogs that I've landed were Sarah's blog (Bridal Supernova) and Jacky's blog (Wee Wee We're Getting Married). Their wedding sangat nice. So from there I just blog-hop here and there and jumpa banyak lagi awesome people. ;)

Since I'm a bit rajin today, might as well just list down few references yang might be cool for you guys (wedding related blog/websites that I've used for my early research about wedding) ;) 

1. Google (ultimate search engine)
2. Misi 5 April 2009 (by Ladynoe)
3. Bridal Supernova (by Sarah)
4. Wee Wee We're Getting Married (by Jacky Hussein)

And the wedding checklist that I've created and used for my wedding prep. The list sebenarnya sangat super simple but sangat helpful during my time. So hope it'll help yours too. ;)

(please feel free to download and customize it according to your wedding preference)

Till then, happy Sunday! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabulous Floral: Tepak Sireh for rent!

I'm renting this for RM20 (without the filling) and RM30 (tepak sireh + filling)


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Back for good

I don't know where to begin here. Been so lazy nak cerita about my wedding 'coz I've been so occupied with so many new things in life. Having a husband, MIL, new job, furnishing our house and Fabulous Floral. But deep down I know I've been blessed with good things in life. :)

Since I pun sudah lupa bila last I stop cerita about my wedding, perhaps I could just relate it when I'm blogging anything about wedding. Lol. ;)

(Rasa nak talk about our wedding prep la for my next post) *grin*