Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Rezekis.

My wedding wasn't all that fancy schmancy unlike the other brides but one thing for sure we definitely beat 'em (anyone yang us two kenal) when it comes to the price of our wedding. 'Coz to us, the life after marriage it's all that matters. 

And yeah, as for my wedding we only have less than 3 months to works things out. So little time, us being busy all the time, no experience at all in planning a wedding, house hunting, Encik Rocker had a surgery in the midst of our wedding preparation and budget yang super tight plus.............THE RIDICULOUS FAVORS from the extended family memang traumatized us at that time. Trust me, the goods and bads memang akan ada.

But we managed to tackle 'em all and Alhamdulillah, even though it wasn't the perfect wedding that we want (we have our own ideas for the perfect wedding) but we managed to get (almost of it) right. ;) And we managed to scratch off all the listed goals that we aimed before our wedding.

1. We finally bought a house at a very strategic area and managed to get the key to our house before the wedding. 

2. We fund our own wedding despite me baru nak ada career and I've no savings on wedding fund at all.

3. Most of our wedding vendors sangat² wonderful, friendly and helpful and they even mentioned that they love dealing with us.

4. We managed untuk TIDAK SUSAHKAN anyone at all (including my close family) 'coz us two buat semua benda by ourselves. 

5. A week before our wedding, us two dah tenang. No more last minutes thingy to be done except for collecting hand bouquet and watched movies at cinema. :D

6. I managed to look flawless (thanks to my MUA, Raja Feena) 'coz I had my beauty sleeps since a week before my wedding lagi.

7. The food was so damn great and I got it at super cheap rate (price per head) compared to most caterers (with good reputation of course) I've surveyed before.

8. Semua sangat punctual and the flow of our weddings, three in a row went smooth as per plan.

9. We hired BAK and dapat beautiful wedding photos for our wedding memories.

10. We don't need to burn more holes in our pockets and yet we got (almost) everything that we want.

11. And last but not least, when it comes to urusan nikah from awal sampailah to the day of the nikah, it went so damn well and the whole event took less than 35 minutes (from the arrival of guests, engagement and nikah) with sekali lafaz and without the jurunikah asking any questions to Encik Rocker ('coz he was so in a good mood that day and he's just happy to see us!).

So yeah I'm happy and thankful to god for the smoothness of my weddings; my great and wonderful husband; our friends, neighbours and family yang membantu and memeriahkan our wedding; the good food; the good weather; and whatever rezeki that we had.

So plan your wedding wisely yea and good luck! ;)

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