Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free Wedding Templates from Bride on a Budget.

photos courtesy: Google Image

Google memang sangat-sangat la my best friend. And I jumpa banyak information through googling around, masuk blog sini, masuk blog sana until I tersesat dekat this one blog and she compile listing of few wedding templates yang boleh you guys download. Nice-nice pula tu. :)
Here's the link.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *panic*

Dah tak ada nombor 6 dah depan wedding ticker I. Kira-kira ada lagi 2 bulan nak kahwin. Rasa nak puke la now.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mock-up of my VIP Giftpack.

Last weekend sangat hectic. Tapi sempat juga try-try decorate my gable box. Encik Rocker pun dah bagi green light boleh proceed dengan design dekat atas ni. So semalam juga us two terus buat kerja gunting-gunting the wrapping paper for the gable box sampai late night. Dah la esok nak kerja. Boleh pula tidur lambat. Hari ni amik..bangun lambat and terkejar-terkejar pergi kerja. *sigh*

Bloggers & B2B Hi-Tea Gathering.

I had so much fun and it was fantastically awesome! Many thanks to Diah and her awesome team. I heart you beautiful people. :)

The beautiful preggie Nariko and me.

Cute Lynda and me. :)

The MCs.

The famous bajoo boutique.

The cute Ann from Ann & Ash Wedding Gallery.

Nariko and her husband.

The famous and beautiful Anil and me.

Farah and Zam from KedaiPanas.


The famous Asyilla and her friend.

It's Qis and her hubby.

I met a new blogger friend. Meet Mastura!

Ole Ole Manis.

Nad from Ole Ole Manis.

Nad and me. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Roses from dollar bill (not Ringgit Malaysia) - part 2.

Lupa nak post-kan the video. :D

This video pun I suka. :)

Roses from dollar bill (not Ringgit Malaysia).

Atas sebab-sebab tertentu. my dear girlfriend macam tak dapat nak dipertanggungjawabkan untuk mengubah my mahar as a bouquet of roses. T__T So terpaksalah google-google cari tutorial untuk buat roses out of wang kertas.

Found one though. Can't wait to try it out. :)
(I copy the whole damn post sebab nanti nk buat senang I buka my page je)

Supplies needed:
1. 5 dollar bills
2. Thin floral/ bending wire
3. Green floral tape
4. Toothpick


You need to start with 5 pieces of paper the same size as dollar bills - or of course you can fold dollar bills if you want. If you choose to fold dollar bills, they need to be new and crisp so they will hold their shape.

Fold each piece of paper in half lengthwise. You want to keep the "pretty" side on the outside, if there is one. I am folding these on a go board, so you can see the relative size of the objects as we go.

Unfold your pieces of paper. With a toothpick, curl in the four corners of the paper. These curls will be the curls of the rose petals. Make the curls nice and tight. It can take patience to get the edge of the paper to 'catch' on the toothpick to start curling, you can try making that tip a little wet to help it with the initial curl.

Cut a piece of wire for this petal. In this photo I have a short piece of wire, but you can use long pieces if you want to have a long stem. Remember, the wire is going to fold in half so you want the wire to be DOUBLE the length of your finished stem. Lay the wire along the inside of the fold of this petal.

You need to do this part gently so the paper does not tear. Squash in the base of the petal, where the wire is, and twist the wire closed to form the stem for this petal. There's no real order to how you sqash it in, just mush it into a point. At first the paper might resist as it is stiff, but if you mush it up for a while it will soften up and form that point better.

As you do this, you want to 'shape' the petal. You want both parts of the petal to bend the same way, so that they form sort of a gentle cup. A way to imagine it is that the two petals are like your tongue, and the wire is at the base of your tongue (where it connects at the back of your throat). If you curled the tip of your tongue, the middle part of your tongue would form a cup. That is what you want with this petal - both halves forming a cup together.

The very first petal you make is going to be the "innermost" petal of the rose, and when you look at a rose, that one is usually very thin and very curled. So this first one should have the most curled edges of the bunch.

It gets a bit more tricky here because now you are working in three dimensions. Start with that first petal in the middle. Curl those edges in tightly so it forms that thin inner petal pair. Now, hold that first petal pair so you are looking straight down on it. Imagine that the top of the petals, the pair of curved curled edges, is like a smile. You are looking down at that smile. The second and third petal pairs are going to be on the SIDES of the smile. It would be like you put a pair of ( ) around the left and right side of the smile.

I show you a top-down view of this grouping of three petal sets in this photo. The next photo will show a top down view to help explain this. This is a hard thing to explain, as it is a three dimensional thing. But if you look at it from the top, and if I use the equals sign to represent that center first pair of petals, then what you are doing looks like this: (( = ))

So the first petal pair is horizontal, and then the second and third are pressed against the left and right sides, both oriented vertically. Look at the next picture to understand this.

This is a second photo of the rose formation, to help you understand how it works. You have the center pair of petals pointing at you like a smile, then the second and third pairs pressed against either side as if to 'hug' that innermost set.

OK, now we add petal sets 4 and 5, and once again we put them on the top and bottom, 'hugging' the core of the rose we've already built. So this fills out the circular shape and the petal selection. This photo is a bit fuzzy but shows you the shape.

Wrap all the wires together, and then wrap green floral tape around all of the wire, to have a nice, green stem. You can add a dab of glue at the top and bottom of the tape to keep it from unravelling. I only have a short stem here but you can of course create a nice long stem if you want, and even add green leaves to it.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Polariod photo (part 2).

photos courtesy: Google Image
Cantiknya... *drooling*

Polaroid photo.

Orang cakap sharing is caring. Entri memang tak ada kena mengena dengan wedding prep pun. Okay mungkin sikit.

Polaroid photo memang sangat nice. Especially bila boleh sepit-sepit the photos dekat entrance and before nak sign wedding guestbook ke or selit dekat wedding favours ke. U tell me. Memang sangat classy. And I'm about this close untuk buy one from Singapore until Encik Rocker menyarankan saya untuk tidak berbelanja secara tidak berhemah dikala saat-saat genting nak kahwin ni (yeah I'm good at spending moolah), so I have to akur (for our own sake). *sedih*

But I still tak puas hati. I need that polaroid photo untuk tampal-tampal dekat my wedding guestbook ke, CD case ke, etc., etc. So I googled, and found this application (Poladroid project). It's free though. :) And boleh print the photos bila dah drop and shake.

I'm loving it!

Oh if you guys perhaps nak try using it, you can download the app here.

*Tunggu lepas kahwin nanti, saya akan shopping bagai nak rak. Hahaha. :D

CD case ideas.

Music sangat-sangat plays an important roles in our life. The first time kenal Encik Rocker pun memang ber-related dengan this one gig yang dia organized and some more, our close friends pun memang into music stuffs ni. SO IT IS A BIG PART OF US.

Therefore sebagai tanda penghargaan kitaorang kepada our good friends (as they're gonna be our VIP guests) yang akan datang to your wedding reception nanti, we planned to give 'em a cd, our wedding compilation which consists of songs yang sangat-sangat significant in our life as US {me + Encik Rocker}. But us 2 mungkin takkan buat dalam kuantiti banyak kot 'coz we just wanna give the CD to those that matters to us. Tak nak la bagi dekat orang yang takkan appreciate langsung the CD and terus patahkan after dah dengar. I'm just guessing only. :D

Anyway I came across few ideas for the CD case. Tak tau nak pilih mana. Semua nampak macam cool. *sigh*

I heart Tiffany ni punya ideas. Practical sangat.

Encik Rocker proposed guna brown paper bag jadi CD case. Nice, nice.

I like the decoration of the case. Simple but really nice.

If only money wasn't an issue...dah lama borong tin case ni.

Photos courtesy: here, here, here and here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Award for 20 hot bloggers!

Wah! Kita dapat award. :)

Thanks Xora from Dia Terima Nikahnya for giving me this award. So from her blog, I read that I have to pass this award to 20 bloggers. So here's my pick:

1. Ami
2. Ally
3. Nawal
4. White Dress
5. Xora
6. Lynda
7. Moose
8. Jacky H
9. Layla
10. Elly
11. Pink Brolly
12. Faradiba
13. ElyaElmo
14. Squarecut Ring
15. Ms. Abby
16. Nad
17. Miss X
18. Qis
19. Thirah
20. Ann

I heart you people's blog! :)

Logo Wedding Gathering.

photo courtesy: Anil

Comelnya the logo (designed by Atim). I menyinggah dekat blog Anil tadi and rajinnya diaorang bekerja keras for event Sabtu ni. Anyway can't wait to meet all of you guys there. :)

Wall Art.

Photos courtesy: here
Lawa tak?

Sesat-sesat dekat Etsy terus falls for this piece. Tangan dah gatal nak buat online purchase je sebab saya tak tahu nak menjahit/mengam-gam sangat. *sigh*

So siapa yang kreatif and suka, try-try la. Boleh sharing-sharing tutorial nanti. :D

*Tunjuk dekat my Mama mesti dia ada idea kan? :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A card, a week for Encik Rocker.

Entri ni tak ada kena-mengena dengan wedding preparation pun. Just a selingan je. I got an email from Emily (Card-A-Heart) this morning. She said my cards dah siap and ready to be delivered to me. Yay! Selain daripada my love and passion for Encik Rocker and heels, I just love cards. Be it those tiny lovely lil cards, sampailah yang sebesar-besar alam. And disebabkan Encik Rocker is my sayang so dia adalah antara penerima unggul those lovely cards from me. Lol.

So my plan is to send him a card (dalam pelbagai saiz) + a photo of us two, every week until our wedding day. So I started my week with one of those cards below. And no, no I don't plan to stop sending notes to him even after we're married. :)

photos courtesy: Card-A-Heart

*I requested Emily to put pic slot dekat dalam card tu. :D

I'm using a super big gable box for my VIP Giftpack.

Yeah baby! Untuk VIP punya giftpack I'm using a really, really big gable box for it (yup sangat besar gila sampai pening kepala tak tau nak isi apa dalam tu). Roughly the measurement of the box dalam 24cm (l) x 14cm (w) la if tak silap. Dah la super cheap pula tu which I got it straight from its kilang in Penang for RM0.70/piece. And transportation cost untuk deliver the box to Selangor pun dalam RM20 je. Selain daripada gable box ada banyak je lagi boxes yang boleh digunakan untuk wedding favors. Anyone interested seriously boleh click to their website [here]. Nama kilang tu Public Packages Holdings Berhad. Staf diaorang sangat super friendly and happy je to accomodate my request. Dah la I banyak tanya this and that pula tu. Tapi diaorang layan je. Oh and you can buy in small or big quantity. :)

And memandangkan I still have ample time untuk buat kerja-kerja renyah ni (contohnya macam decorate my gable box and etc.), so again I'm using khidmat Encik Google Image to get few ideas on decorating the gable box.

photos courtesy: Google Image