Friday, March 26, 2010

Roses from dollar bill (not Ringgit Malaysia).

Atas sebab-sebab tertentu. my dear girlfriend macam tak dapat nak dipertanggungjawabkan untuk mengubah my mahar as a bouquet of roses. T__T So terpaksalah google-google cari tutorial untuk buat roses out of wang kertas.

Found one though. Can't wait to try it out. :)
(I copy the whole damn post sebab nanti nk buat senang I buka my page je)

Supplies needed:
1. 5 dollar bills
2. Thin floral/ bending wire
3. Green floral tape
4. Toothpick


You need to start with 5 pieces of paper the same size as dollar bills - or of course you can fold dollar bills if you want. If you choose to fold dollar bills, they need to be new and crisp so they will hold their shape.

Fold each piece of paper in half lengthwise. You want to keep the "pretty" side on the outside, if there is one. I am folding these on a go board, so you can see the relative size of the objects as we go.

Unfold your pieces of paper. With a toothpick, curl in the four corners of the paper. These curls will be the curls of the rose petals. Make the curls nice and tight. It can take patience to get the edge of the paper to 'catch' on the toothpick to start curling, you can try making that tip a little wet to help it with the initial curl.

Cut a piece of wire for this petal. In this photo I have a short piece of wire, but you can use long pieces if you want to have a long stem. Remember, the wire is going to fold in half so you want the wire to be DOUBLE the length of your finished stem. Lay the wire along the inside of the fold of this petal.

You need to do this part gently so the paper does not tear. Squash in the base of the petal, where the wire is, and twist the wire closed to form the stem for this petal. There's no real order to how you sqash it in, just mush it into a point. At first the paper might resist as it is stiff, but if you mush it up for a while it will soften up and form that point better.

As you do this, you want to 'shape' the petal. You want both parts of the petal to bend the same way, so that they form sort of a gentle cup. A way to imagine it is that the two petals are like your tongue, and the wire is at the base of your tongue (where it connects at the back of your throat). If you curled the tip of your tongue, the middle part of your tongue would form a cup. That is what you want with this petal - both halves forming a cup together.

The very first petal you make is going to be the "innermost" petal of the rose, and when you look at a rose, that one is usually very thin and very curled. So this first one should have the most curled edges of the bunch.

It gets a bit more tricky here because now you are working in three dimensions. Start with that first petal in the middle. Curl those edges in tightly so it forms that thin inner petal pair. Now, hold that first petal pair so you are looking straight down on it. Imagine that the top of the petals, the pair of curved curled edges, is like a smile. You are looking down at that smile. The second and third petal pairs are going to be on the SIDES of the smile. It would be like you put a pair of ( ) around the left and right side of the smile.

I show you a top-down view of this grouping of three petal sets in this photo. The next photo will show a top down view to help explain this. This is a hard thing to explain, as it is a three dimensional thing. But if you look at it from the top, and if I use the equals sign to represent that center first pair of petals, then what you are doing looks like this: (( = ))

So the first petal pair is horizontal, and then the second and third are pressed against the left and right sides, both oriented vertically. Look at the next picture to understand this.

This is a second photo of the rose formation, to help you understand how it works. You have the center pair of petals pointing at you like a smile, then the second and third pairs pressed against either side as if to 'hug' that innermost set.

OK, now we add petal sets 4 and 5, and once again we put them on the top and bottom, 'hugging' the core of the rose we've already built. So this fills out the circular shape and the petal selection. This photo is a bit fuzzy but shows you the shape.

Wrap all the wires together, and then wrap green floral tape around all of the wire, to have a nice, green stem. You can add a dab of glue at the top and bottom of the tape to keep it from unravelling. I only have a short stem here but you can of course create a nice long stem if you want, and even add green leaves to it.



Xora said...

saya dah pernah cuba buat bunga pakai kertas ni, masa abg saya kawin. saya gubah utk mas kahwin dia. best gile buat!

the miss bride-to-be said...

ye ke?? boleh la kita tanya2 u kalau ada part yg tak faham. boleh x?

Ami Schaheera said...

wahh!! gigihnya you.. kalau i part2 ni dah tolak tepi bagi orang lain haha. chaiyok2.. you go girl! :D

sophisticated bridezilla said...

omgucci, sgt bersabo kalo nak buat ni babe. sy takot kalo sy buat, 3 kuntum after, give up hehe (= but yet, i love diy-ing hehe =p

the miss bride-to-be said...

ami: haha. sbb i nk jgk i kena gigih jgk la. :D nnt agak2 jadi ke tak jadi i'll post dlm blog.

lynda: haha. tak tau i dapa sbr k tak buat bnda ni. takpe nnt i paksa encik rocker to help me out (kata mahar tu hadiah for me). hahahaha. :D

Xora said...

mesti la boleh! boleh2.. kalau kamu check blog amirul shafiq tu pun, dia ada step buat, siap dgn tips :D

the miss bride-to-be said...

thanks dear for the link. ni yg semangat ni nak pergi buat2 d roses. :)