Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rubber Stamp vs. Thank You Tag

Norina Omar sent me a message through my chat box asking me about my opinion mana yang lagi senang and produce better result between the use of rubber stamp and thank you tag. So I wanted to reply to her dekat my chat box at first tapi space kecil sangat and I've so many things to share with her and the others. So might as well just post it as a blog post. ;)

Well anyway dear, in my opinion both ada advantages masing-masing cuma there might be few cons yang might weigh down either the usage of those 2. Guess, I might as well just list down all the pros and cons (based on my personal views) for you then. :)

Rubber Stamp: 

1. Quick and easy (stamp and go!)
2. Doesn't require much time
3. You can buy the ready made one at craft shop
4. Convenient to use rubber stamp when dealing dengan stuffs yang berkuantiti banyak

1. Require lotsa practice in order to get output yang kemas
2. Quite pricey especially when you opt for personalized design rubber stamp ($$$ for complicated design)
3. Limitation on the use of design (space untuk rubber stamp tak besar)

Personalized wedding rubber stamp maker in Malaysia:

Thank You Tag:

It can either be in a sticker form, cut & paste form, punch-a-hole & tie form and etc.

1. Price it's a lot cheaper
2. When using sticker form thank you tag, save the hassle (print and tampal)
3. No limitation on the use of various design for your thank you tag 
4. Can print out onto various type of paper (art card, sticker paper, ivory paper, kraft paper, etc)

1. Quite a hassle untuk kuantiti yang sangat banyak
2. Require lotsa time (the need nak print, gunting, tampal/punch a hole)

Thank you tag template:
4. Style Me Pretty

So I guess, it's kinda obvious that I'll opt for the thank you tag because of the unlimited template/design that can be found online plus your creativity, and it's much easier for me to use the thank you tag instead of using the rubber stamp sebab my hand sangat gagal when stamping anything. T__T

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