Sunday, February 6, 2011

The early stage

Morning dearies!

{Sunday morning like this, still on bed untuk update blog memang nice sangat. :)}

Been meaning to write this post for so long tapi macam biasalah tangguh dulu. Dunno pasal apa. :D 

Anyway let's cut to the chase, during my early days bila Encik Rocker ajak kahwin, we had LOTSA, LOTSA DISCUSSIONS on that. And that includes EVERYTHING. From wedding budget to how we want it to be simple but still a nice wedding to the friends and family's reactions and etc. Memang exhausted! Even fikir about it now pun rasa exhausted.

Some more, memandangkan this is the first wedding in my family and my extended family plus Encik Rocker being the only child in his family so us two memang sangat, sangat CLUELESS and we dunno where to start. So I googled. About everything. Trust me benda yang orang cakap senang je pun I just googled unless if there's such thing macam book about "guide to malay wedding", I'll definitely buy one. ;)

Memandangkan our wedding community sangat besar in Malaysia especially among bloggers, so among the earliest blogs that I've landed were Sarah's blog (Bridal Supernova) and Jacky's blog (Wee Wee We're Getting Married). Their wedding sangat nice. So from there I just blog-hop here and there and jumpa banyak lagi awesome people. ;)

Since I'm a bit rajin today, might as well just list down few references yang might be cool for you guys (wedding related blog/websites that I've used for my early research about wedding) ;) 

1. Google (ultimate search engine)
2. Misi 5 April 2009 (by Ladynoe)
3. Bridal Supernova (by Sarah)
4. Wee Wee We're Getting Married (by Jacky Hussein)

And the wedding checklist that I've created and used for my wedding prep. The list sebenarnya sangat super simple but sangat helpful during my time. So hope it'll help yours too. ;)

(please feel free to download and customize it according to your wedding preference)

Till then, happy Sunday! :)

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