Thursday, May 6, 2010

A surprise, not so surprise.

Saya sudah sign kontrak dengan Azilah from Cupcake Craft & Handmade Card untuk few cards lagi before my W-day. Haha. :D Seriously this time I want something yang vintage (which is her expertise untuk buat that kinda card) and again I sangat-sangat la heart my second card with her.

Since Encik Rocker is in the hospital lagi, so I think it would be a good idea to give him the card. I hope it might cheer him up. Know the feeling bila you asyik terdampar dekat atas katil and feeling all weak 'coz you can't do anything except berehat.

And yeah I did, depan him juga I wrote a small note and gave him the card. He loves it! Got a big hug from him too. *blushing*

Photos courtesy: Facebook Azilah

*A note to Azilah: Thanks dear! You really made our day. :) *hugs*


cik yaya said...

so vintage!cute lah aim
so sweet lah kamu :)

sophisticated bridezilla said...

so shuwit of you babe. lagi nak dekat wedding ni, bertambah kaseh sayang. he must be happy to have u by his side - ALL THE TIME!

the miss bride-to-be said...

yaya: thanks dear! haha. :D

lynda: haha. mestila babe. sayang woo sama encik rocker. hopefully2 he's happy when i'm there for him. :D

sophisticated bridezilla said...

he's always happy with you babe. i know that babe *hugs* eceh, mcm aku kakak en rocker lak.