Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cleansing my soul on this one.

I don't think any of my wedding details reflect who I am pun right now. Semua sudah tukar  tak macam what I had in mind pun, but what they had in mind. My vision untuk wedding ni is to do it as simple (but nice) as possible tapi now dah rasa macam carca marba (ccm) pun ada. >_<

Excitement macam dah takde and I am being patient and positive right now. I won't shout or marah-marah or anything. But I won't say much. I learned to let go and lepaskan few tasks dekat orang lain 'coz I can't managed to add-up more stress on me. All I want is to be marry to Encik Rocker and I won't claim that's my (partially me and Encik Rocker's) wedding. It is after all, their wedding... :(


Sophia and Suraya said...

omg!SO TRUE!they asked us to plan but in d end,ape yg kt nak,x akan dpt rite?i've cried for a few mins only,juz to lepas gram then hv 2 let go n move on!~sigh~

good luck 2 u love~

the miss bride-to-be said...

sophia and suraya: yes..true2. mostly i tak dapat wat i want (especially d deco n stuffs).

d situation sgt sama kan? i have to let it go or else i akan lg stress yg akan constantly rasa nak being sarcastic. plus i wanna look gud on my w-day too. tak mau puffy eyes n muka full of jerawat. >_<

anyway u too good luck yea! thank too. :)