Thursday, September 2, 2010



I fast-forward la yea my story after all the "must-have-acara in a wedding" (bersanding and makan beradap and etc.) straight to the chill session dengan guests yang datang which the "must-have-acara in a wedding" photos I dah post about it earlier (here and here). :)

At that time, after our persandingan, we only rasa LEGA LEGA LEGA je. After makan beradap lagi rasa SUPER LEGA LEGA LEGA. And start from that moment us two macam dah takde apa nak buat except Bak yang rajin ikut us both untuk shoot dengan siapa-siapa je yang nak bergambar dengan us two. Felt glamorous at that time 'coz everybody wanna say hello to us and wish nothing but tonnes of good wishes to us. :) And to be honest this is the only part yang I love about my wedding. The moment yang we got to mingle with our friends and family and totally rasa sangat rileks and looking forward nak berehat.

Bila event dah habis without any problem, us two macam dah semakin dapat bernafas and hornymoon macam tinggal few days je at that time! Stoked gila when I can have Encik Rocker for me only. Lol. :D



Queen4ADay said...

wee...lov ur pelamin!!!hate mine T_T

puan rocker said...

wanie: thanks dear! ala dont be k. i bet ur photographer akan buatkan ur pelamin nmpk cantik dlm gambar dear!

Xora said...

saya suka ton warna baju kamu. menyerlah. cantik sangat, dengan background putih!

puan rocker said...

xora: thnks dear! :) the idea is to be appropriately well exposed on that day. dats why we go for putih as our background. :)