Monday, March 22, 2010

A loss deeply felt.

Quite sedih...

Semalam had a really small discussion with Encik Rocker. Us two buat summary about our wedding preparation. Banyak sangat yang dah siap. Thanks God!

But somehow I realized that actually a part of me macam ada sedikit kekosongan. Ada something missing. Something yang dulu sangat bergadai nyawa (exaggerate je) to get it done tapi now dah tak ada dah that kinda feeling. Which now jadi sangat tenang. I know it's a good thing which lotsa friends and family and our vendors sangat impress dengan our progress tapi we're the {bridezilla + groomzilla}, come in pair untuk jadi kritikal in managing our own wedding.

And betul la apa yang pernah other bride-to-be bofore this cakap, kita akan sangat-sangat miss time kita plan our wedding dulu. But then again it's a happy thing to know that finally the big-day has arrived eventhough at the same time we have to wave goodbye to the one thing that we've been through before embarking our big day.

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