Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fabulosity!

Hello dearies!

Happy Friday to you. :) 

Anyway I nak iklankan few stuffs from Fabulous Floral jap. Lol. :D


How can you not love all this cute and beautiful wedding related stuffs?

I know I do! :) 

And currently Fabulous Floras has so many exciting stuffs for your wedding/ baby shower need: personalized ribbons, beautiful ribbons (satin, organza, grosgrain), favor boxes, gift pack, fresh flower hand bouquet, personalized place card holder, personalized tea bag and etc.

Oh! Psst..I can also work according to your budget/need too. ;)

Till then, take care peeps!


Mail me!
And you'll be surprised.

Fabulous Floral


Cik Belle said...

wah aim! best! green box tuh berapa dear? =) for 300pcs

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Wahh..bisnes makin mantop nampaknye Aim. nampaknya I pun nak ikut jejak langkah u gak la camnie :)
tea-bga tue comel! sungguh!

puan rocker said...

cik belle: i dh email u dear. :)

balkidz: haha. blh la sikit² babe. :D jom² babe! haha. ;)

Renee Meow said...

gorgeous..!! love ur taste of choice.. :)


puan rocker said...

renee meow: thanks love! :)

ms syaz said...

hye aim dear.. remember me? i pernah email u psl 'brooch(groom)' :)

good job dear! sgt sookkkaaa tgk ur gojes hasil kerja.. keep up the gud work darling~!

puan rocker said...

hi dear! thanks for the support. :)

Sya Sakura said...

the 1st pic made me speechless.. sweet gilerr warna tu!! Love it!

puan rocker said...

sya sakura: kan? me love it too! :)

puan rocker said...

sya sakura: kan? me love it too! :)