Thursday, July 8, 2010

I want to introduce you to...

Hello dearies!

I'm shifting..nah..I'm packing my bag to move some of my stuffs dekat my new blog. So now I have two blogs untuk dijaga. I know, I know I haven't properly introduce my other blog 'coz I've been busy revamping these two babies.

So, please say hello to "daily muse of: puan rocker | encik rocker" dearies! :)

*clap clap*

Anyway dekat blog tu I'll basically talk about home deco ideas, our stuffs and bla, bla, bla, stuffs that you guys won't be interested kot nak baca. :D Aite then, ciao!


Yanie said...

babe...i baca je... congrats on the new blog!!! hehehe

puan rocker said...

yanie: haha. thanks dear! oh btw nnt i nak ur email add boleh? i nak email u u n hana punya pic time my wedding hari tu. :)

drop kat ym pn boleh. :D

ally said... blog...=) i baca je..leh link kan ke blog sy yg lg 1 juga..hehe..

puan rocker said...

ally: haha. thanks coz baca je apa i merapu. :D anyway sure do dear. :)

ElyaElmo said...

aim i pasti bacaa!!!!~ :D
mesti tak menang tangan nak handle 2 blog nnt..he3

puan rocker said...

elya: thnks dear! haha i pn taktau la :D anyway again congrats on ur e-day! :)