Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yay for me!

Gazillion thanks to AiniQMY for helping me out pasal kes Cotton Lace Parasol tu! :)

Hahahahaha. So now saya dah booking dekat Diyana from bisikbisik design.
(Lol I baru tahu Diyana Shukor tu is that Diyana Shukor yang the makeup artist and juga owner bisikbisik design. Padahal she's one of my vendor)


anil lutaze said...

tahniah aim..yay!!

the miss bride-to-be said...

thanks anil! :)

Yanie said...

Dah dapat dah lace parasol tu? Fuh... Nasih baik ek? Babe, i tengok wedding ticker u boleh tak i pulak yang berpeluh2...Haha... Cool babe... Hopefully everything will turns out well, Amin

the miss bride-to-be said...

yanie: dah2. tu la. haha. i ni lg la. dlm dua hari angka 4 pn dh xde dkt dpn. oh god rs nk pengsan!

anywy thanks dear. :)

AiniQMY said...

hehe..most welcome! :)

Happy for you....hope everything dah ok now ya! :D

the miss bride-to-be said...

:D dh ok dh nw. haha. thanks again tau.