Friday, January 7, 2011

Fabulous Floral January Promotion

Fabulous Floral would like to welcome this year with a fabulous promotion. And it's all about chocolate and candy! 

This fabulous promotion include:

Variety of candies
Cupcake/ Muffin / French Macaron/ Mini Donut (subject to availability)
Wafer/ Popcorn
Pudding Jelly
Marshmallow/ Chocolate Spoon (subject to availability)
Paper bag + sticker tag
Take out box + candy
Table deco using fresh flower + material that suits your theme

* Delivery charge is excluded from above-mentioned promo price
*Suitable for 150 to 200 pax per event

So hurry up, book a slot with me today! :)

Mail me.
And you'll be surprised. :)

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