Friday, March 5, 2010

Bedroom ideas (part 2).

Oh yeah, I just got few ideas untuk decorate my bedroom. Ni apa yang I had mind for now la. Better write it down before I lupa.

1) I don't wanna use the main lighting in my bedroom. Therefore I need to buy a table lamp and perhaps some spotlight lamps untuk picture frames.

2) I need of vase, plant pots and big bowl. Planning to use water + petals untuk balance-kan the heaviness of the cappucino's wall.

3) I want to use more on house plants (green concept) sebagai accessories. I need to ask Mama about it and I need to study more on the suitable house plant yang boleh digunakan dalam bilik dekat Malaysia ni.

4) Frames, frames. I really need big frames.

photos courtesy: Inmagine and Google Image

I guess enough kot for now. Need to sketch the room's layout dulu. :)

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