Thursday, February 25, 2010

A note to Encik Rocker.

We didn't change, and we don't wanna change anything, our personality and all. Apa yang tukar hanya our perspectives in lives and the responsibility we're gonna have in our next stage of life. We have been through lotsa tears, laughs and many emotions. From being a calming us to a bridezilla and a groomzilla (yes he did participate 100% and commit to it while preparing for our wedding).

Yes and yes also, to actually broke the news dekat orang-orang lain (it's not an easy thing to do with lotsa different type of people in our life) about us wanting to get married is a really, really big step for us. A revolution in our life. Something, a thing which people didn't expect at all from us. But we had our own theory about wedding, spending our lives together. It does make a difference to us, to me..the moment when I finally found him, my Encik Rocker. :)

And yeah, like I said to many people, HAIL TO MONOGAMY!


*this post is dedicated to him...

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