Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want maroon and he wants turquoise.

Oh! I haven't post about our wedding colour theme pun. I punya colour dah lama dah pilih tapi Encik Rocker punya colour yang paling susah for him to make up his mind. At first nak turquoise. Suddenly his side cakap hari tu his cousin dah kahwin colour biru cair so diaorang bising-bising tak nak colour turquoise. I told him it's our wedding, not theirs and I want him to choose the colour that he loves la. And btw turquoise is definitely different from biru cair. But biasalah, in wedding prep mesti ada drama sikit. Mulalah episod he can't make up his mind nak pilih colour apa. Kejap nak colour cappucino brown (must be cappucino brown not espresso brown pula tu), kejap nak muddy green and kejap nak muddy yellow until..ta-da he finally pilih turquoise + silver + brown and itupun pilih colour time beli kain dekat Nagoya. *sigh*

But still yeay to us! We've won the colours battle. And secara tiba-tiba juga confidence level Encik Rocker boost gila bila he made a clear statement dekat his side semua kena pakai silver on his wedding day NOT turquoise.

Huiyoo garangnya I said to him and he answered "I'm the raja on that day. It's my wedding and I wanna do it, my style." Lol. Don't worry, I got your back love. :)

Encik Rocker: turquoise + silver + brown

Aim: maroon + cream + brown + a dash of black
photos courtesy: the perfect palette

*perasan tak stilettos merah tu sangat sizzling hot. I wannit! *love*

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