Monday, February 8, 2010

Help me out!

credit: here.

I know..I know. Siapa yang tengok post ni mesti macam wondering apahal la this bride ni sibuk nak post about kasut Converse dekat blog wedding dia.

So let me answer first. Encik Rocker memang bukan jenis guy yang kerja office and pakai kasut smart-smart. Sebab office dia pun dekat aircraft hanger and memang diaorang ni stok pakai safety boot je. Therefore I'm planning to find this particular kasut for my hantaran to him. It's a gift from me. And obviously I wanna make him happy by giving him something that he loves. Right?
The problem is, this particular Converse All Star Low Profile ni tak ada dekat Malaysia. Rumours said, dekat Singapore ada. For Encik Rocker punya pasal I memang sanggup pergi Singapore just to get him the shoe. *Love*

Tapi serious shit I dunno where to get it as I'm not a fan of kasut Converse pun (You cerita heels I tahu la. Lol!) Please, please..siapa tahu do let me know. Cheers!

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