Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The hair, the do, the hairdo.

I've been telling people about this. I want it to be simple yet classy and elegant. Yes I'm talking about my hairdos. Some people mungkin rasa benda tu kurang penting. But to me the hairdo itself does compliment the whole look. Imagine kalau rambut simple sangat or kusut-kusut tapi baju you sangat va va voom!

Please not me. I don't want that... *freak out*

So I macam googled around, found some pretty cool hairdos tho.

I totally loves this one. Sangat super sweet. Plus dengan make-up Feena yang nude. ^^

If tambah lagi satu classic wedding gown, memang I'll go for this kinda hair.
Nak guna this kinda hair for my songket attire!

This one pun super nice for my songket attire.

Rambang mata already. Tak tahu nak choose yang mana satu. @_@

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